Erin Melissa halvorson


The story of my left and right brain working in harmony. I’m pretty nerdy, if I think about it. I go crazy geeky over the tech savvy camera gear. I’m also an artist at heart. Let’s go way way way back. As a kid and even in high school my parents, peers, and art teachers knew there was something brewing in my artistic mind. I loved to paint (still do!) and draw. Now fast forward to college. Let’s get real, how can I make a living off art? So I went with my other love, Science. I have a degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. I worked in scientific labs in Wisconsin and Arkansas until 2007 Meanwhile I had been playing with my film camera since 1999 and getting some great art that I still have on my walls today. My life changed when I had my child, Ella in 2007. I never went back to the science field. I stayed home and thought, “I’m going to do it, I’m going to finally be an artist and furthermore be a photographer.” My first shoot was with a friend who payed me to take photos of her one year old grandson. I did it on film!! And now many you tube videos later, cameras, photography workshops, mentors, and years later, I’m here!! My right and left brain are happy together being artsy and geeky all at once and I love it!

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