Erin Elizabeth Thomson

Erin Elizabeth Thomson

Erin has a great deal of experience as a freelance fashion and hair model, affording her opportunities to learn additional trades. Thus, she has considerably expanded the number (and type) of services offered to clients, branching into several related fields, including: Erin Elizabeth Thomsonphotography and videography, jewelry design (utilizing chiefly re-purposed and/vintage materials in order to maintain both stylistic exclusivity as well as promoting an earth-friendly mindset), in addition to broadening performance-based services: singing-songwriting & music performance, bookings, and musician promotions. She also plays several instruments, including flute, piccolo, trumpet, several sizes of professional-grade recorders, annnd a bit of brass; the trumpet, admittedly, is still a work in progress. Bad jokes, a little sass–and what she likes to think of as a sly wit–are always included in every project for which she is hired to shoot, assist with, organize, consult, design, edit, create, or perform.

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