Denise Arkola

I am Denise. This is Violet. And yes, she loves getting her photo taken and perfected her cheesy smile at the young age of 18 months! I absolutely love taking photos. Especially when I can capture that moment in your life that you can look back on in years and know exactly how you were feeling at that moment.
I love weddings. Having the privilege to witness real love and a true bond between two people is truly magical, and I am so lucky I am able to document these moments for my awesome clients.
Don’t be surprised if you find me on the dancefloor with my camera. Also it is highly likely I will shed a little tear at some point during your day – I am invested in all my couples and to see the sheer joy that comes with a wedding or engagement is so special. I also love photographing children. From the moment they are growing in their mommas bellies, those fresh newborn cozy moments and throughout their childhood years. I love capturing moments for families throughout many years.

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