Catch Kid


Catch Kid is an up and coming alternative-rock trio residing in the beautiful foothills of the Midwest. Born in Madison, Wisconsin, the band spends its days practicing in an abandoned dairy factory – a large refrigerator door serves as the entrance to their converted studio space. To them, the practice facility is known as “The Fridge”, and the band truly believes that the musical ideas marinate there. With all members standing 6’1? or taller, this group may be in the running for the “tallest band” honors. The front man’s unique vocal tone produces an original sound. Never having taken a piano lesson in his life, Rusch cannot read sheet music. “I taught myself the piano. I play by ear and take risks with my songwriting. I don’t care if the structure of the song, like ‘Land Mines’, is unusual. I’m not a music theorist. Music school can’t teach passion nor can they show you how to write from the heart”.
Lead guitarist Jeremy Van Mill is one of the most talented guitarists in Madison, and his skill translates anthemically on stage. He brings the full sound and depth to Catch Kid’s songs, and remains completely in control and humble while doing so. The fellow handling the beat responsibilities (Luke Osiecki) emerges from the snow drifts of northern Wisconsin. His uncanny ability to produce fresh, tasty beats forces the audience to shake a leg. “I am more than just a timekeeper. Every time I write my parts, my intentions are to improve the feel and vibe of the song, not just the tempo. If I get listeners to tap their foot, mission accomplished”. With a mix of Something Corporate’s up-beat vibe, and U2’s melodic tendencies, they’re sure to leave the crowd satisfied.

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