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Shelley Faith is a fiercely independent singer/songwriter with rigid ties to her native Southern Ohio roots. She possesses a passion to perform and write across all genres of music. Her playlist easily flows from Patsy Cline all the way to the Cure in mere moments and delivers an eclectic musical experience. As a high school garage band singer, she began to find her voice at an early age and her writing style quickly followed. Shelley Faith has written hundreds of original songs, always honest and true to herself. While raising a family in Minneapolis, MN, she continued to grow musically, performing as both a solo act and as a lead singer in several regional cover bands. But it was in Madison, WI over the past 5 years that she found her proverbial groove. Staying true to her original songs, and covering almost any artist, she has found genuine acceptance and success in a welcoming Madison musical scene.
Shelley Faith continues to explore new musical avenues. Initially hitting the Madison music scene with her high energy solo performances, she later branched out to form the Shelley Faith Band (2010-2012). Currently, she holds a steady beat as a singer/songwriter/solo acoustic performer, front for local, high energy, rock band PILOT, vocalist/guitarist for the country band Angels & Outlaws, and hosts a weekly Open Mic Night host at Christy’s Landing (Madison, WI) Shelley Faith has performed at Madison’s Bratfest, written and performed for Race for the Cure, Women Rock for the Cure, is a past guest on WORT-FM and WIBA-AM. Included in her first album, Dreamfield, is “Next in Line,” which is featured in the independent film, Masquerade (Minneapolis, MN). Her CD, Dreamfield, can easily be found online and in local Madison retail stores. Her second CD is expected to be released in the fall of 2014.

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