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Well Collective is a community of worship artists committed to inviting others into authentic encounters with the Living God. They were born out of The Well at Pepperdine University, a college worship ministry passionate about uniting the fractured Church, and students of all Christian backgrounds in worship.
To honor the student team who poured their time, talent and energy into The Well every week, worship director Taylor Begert commissioned and led the effort to create a live recording of one of The Well’s worship services. What started out as a homegrown lo-fi recording project was transformed by producer and student team member Jacob Williams into the record Covers, a professional grade portable worship experience.
Knowing the record and the team were something special; Taylor formed Well Collective with former student leaders Jacob Williams, Alexa Shafer, Wilson Howard and Christy Panchal. The team is in the process of writing their first record of original songs for the Church. These songs will not only proclaim God’s love, and celebrate what Christ has done, but they will also give a voice to those in lament, and those searching for God. Well Collective doesn’t write songs that are more of the status quo.
These composers and wordsmiths create anthems and ballads that give the Church language for worshiping through all seasons of life. These songs are designed to expand the vocabulary of the modern liturgy and unite the Church in worship.
Whether you worship live with Well Collective or listen to the record, their hope is that you would be drawn into the presence of God alongside all who seek Jesus to be restored and transformed.
Taylor Begert
Founder and leader of Well Collective, Taylor Begert, is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and worship artist. His intricately woven lyrics over passionate melodies and gripping chord progressions create songs to pull your heartstrings.
A musician in his own right since 2002, Taylor has excelled as a vocalist and acoustic guitarist. After graduating cum laude with a bachelors in Music Business from Belmont University, Taylor moved to Los Angeles to begin his career as a full-time musician. In his various roles as a performer and worship leader, Taylor has played up and down the west coast, drawing people in with his fresh and energetic style.
Inspired by artists including Switchfoot, Phil Wickham, Bethel Music, and NEEDTOBREATHE, Taylor’s large inventory of songs, highly acclaimed talent, and deep character makes him a quick favorite among those he has performed for, led and worked with.
Taylor has engaged and wooed audiences at weddings, fundraisers, graduation ceremonies and celebrations, and numerous churches including CBC Ventura, Bel Air Church, Saddleback, and Eastlake Church, and Universities including Pepperdine University, Arizona State University, Whitworth University, and Belmont University.
Christy Panchal
Christy Panchal is a Los Angeles and Orange County-based worship leader, singer, and songwriter. Her beautiful, yet powerful voice has moved congregations for several years.
Christy excels as a vocalist, pianist, worship leader and songwriter and seeks to draw people’s attention to the Living God. She has been innately drawn to music her whole life – Singing since Kindergarten and writing song ideas on the edges of her school papers.
After graduating with the highest honors from Pepperdine University, Christy remained in Los Angeles to continue serving the Lord. She has led worship for many Saddleback Church campuses as well as other churches and Christian camps throughout Southern California. She has opened for esteemed artists such as All Sons and Daughters and Phil Wickham. Christy studied with renowned vocal instructors and worship leaders. She has several years of worship leading and recording experience. She’s led worship in stadiums, churches, halls, theaters and various other venues for numerous other events across the globe. She exhibits excellent leadership skills and musical abilities. Her highly acclaimed talent leaves congregations feeling inspired and moved. Christy desires to wholeheartedly serve the Lord and create an avenue in which people may experience the presence of God through music.
Wilson Howard
Wilson Howard is a creator living for the Creator. As a singer-songwriter and worship musician in the Los Angeles, he uses his voice not just to speak the truth in love, but to sing it. Wilson has been singing as long as he’s been able to talk, if not longer, and he’s been playing guitar and writing songs since 2007. He has been directing people’s attention and affection towards Jesus through music ever since he started his college career at Pepperdine University. After graduating in April of 2016 with a BA in Religion, Wilson has continued to create music that is meant to draw people together like a light echoing through the dark.
Inspired by artists such as John Mark McMillan, Citizens & Saints, Kings Kaleidoscope, and Sufjan Stevens, Wilson’s highest priority as a musician is to know Jesus and make Him known through honest creativity and genuine love. The vulnerability of honest song dissolves what divides us and gently guides us into shared experiences of serious, joyful love, giving us glimpses of our purpose and our God.
Alexa Shafer
Based in Los Angeles, Alexa Shafer is a drummer and worship artist who has found her truest form of expression in music. For the past ten years, drumming has been her outlet for pain, joy, and every emotion in-between. “Hitting things,” so to say, has become her love language of choice to the King.
Alexa first discovered her passion at Saddleback Church, where she would spend every weekend leading junior high and high school students of Student Ministries in worship. Through two summer internships, she had the opportunity to mentor students on the technicalities of playing instruments, as well as the heart behind being a worship leader.
During her time at Pepperdine University, she was given the opportunity to lead as Director of Celebration Chapel, a ministry intended to create an opportunity for students to encounter the living God weekly. In addition, she also had the opportunity to open for Us the Duo, The Oh Hellos, and Phil Wickham alongside other members of Well Collective.
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams is a sonic pilgrim on a journey to create sounds on Earth as they are in Heaven. When he’s not playing lead guitar with Well Collective, Jacob works in the Los Angeles area as a producer and recording engineer.
Although he started playing piano at seven, Jacob really started his audio odyssey at the age of twelve when he picked up the guitar and his ears were opened to the beauty that is rock n roll. By the time he met the rest of the Well Collective, he had already learned how to praise the Lord through those six strings, carving out beautiful sonic landscapes within which God’s people could meet with Him, undistracted.
While attending Pepperdine University in the 2016 graduating class, Jacob began professional work in the live audio industry with companies such as PRG and No Static, not to mention running and overseeing sound at The Well each week.
In 2014, Delta Spirit’s “Into the Wide” inspired Jacob to learn the craft of record making, and he’s been working in studios ever since. With influences ranging from The Boss to Mutemath, Jacob Williams is living out a call to make a hard-hitting, groove-inducing, joyful noise for the glory of Christ and the edification of His Church.

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