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WayfarersWayfarers is an American indie pop duo based in both Los Angeles and New York. The band consists of Katie Cecil on vocals and Anthony Purpura on most everything else. Katie and Anthony met years ago while both were touring in other bands; Katie in a band called KSM which toured with acts like Demi Lovato, and Anthony in a band called For The Foxes, which toured with acts such as Echosmith. When their previous bands dissolved, Katie and Anthony were immediately drawn to each other creatively and formed Wayfarers.

The band was formed around creating positive songs with uplifting messages and melodies over upbeat guitar riffs; that formula in addition to their love of indie pop makes for a sound that is uniquely their own, without reinventing the wheel. Their music is gaining peoples’ attention — and fast — with their Spotify page getting more and more activity each day. They have already had their infectious songs featured in ads by companies such as Shoedazzle, Facebook, Verizon, and more.

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