Terron Brooks

Terron BrooksTERRON BROOKS is an accomplished singer/songwriter/actor who has a passion for sharing his gift of music with the world. Born and raised in Southern California, Mr. Brooks has had the pleasure of performing with many amazing artists as Stevie Wonder, Josh Groban, David Foster, Randy Jackson, Stephanie Mills, Peter Cetera, Lizz Wright, Yolanda Adams, Sheila E., Smokey Robinson and Michael Jackson. He has toured with Phil Collins (Going Back Tour) and Matthew Morrison from GLEE.(Opening Act for The New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys Tour) Terron has sung with artists on The Voice, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and American Idol. His universal appeal has led him to stages all across the U.S., Europe and Asia. Terron is a Broadway performer who has been seen as “Simba” in Disney’s The Lion King and “Seaweed” in Hairspray. He was also featured in the World Premieres of Sleepless in Seattle The Musical and First Wives Club.
Mr. Brooks has been featured on numerous film and TV soundtrack albums including Hairspray(New Line), Tears From The Sun(Sony), The Adventures of Brer Rabbit (Universal), and ABC’s Gepetto. As a guest artist for the Atlanta, Colorado, and Taiwan Symphony Orchestras, Terron has sung the classic songs of Disney.
ShubhpujaNot only did Mr. Brooks star in the hit romantic comedy All About You with Debbie Allen and Hamilton’s Renee Elise Goldsberry, he co-wrote its theme song as well as contributed his originals to the movie soundtrack, produced by Rickey Minor.
Terron is a two-time NAACP Award nominee for supporting actor and is best remembered for his critically acclaimed portrayal of Eddie Kendricks in the Emmy Award winning NBC mini-series The Temptations. The Los Angeles Times has described his voice as “smooth and soulful.”

Being in the entertainment industry for over 20 years as a singer, songwriter, producer, and actor with the privilege of working with artists/visionaries such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Josh Groban, Phil Collins, Randy Jackson, and David Foster, I too have asked myself the mentioned above. Despite the life altering and affirming experiences of performing throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, satisfying a diversity of roles within touring companies, films or as a Broadway performer, the path to success has not always been easy to say the least. I also have been Terron Brooksconfronted with feelings of uncertainty and can identify with the voice of many emerging or established artists. In the beginning of my journey, I was preoccupied with what was not working in my career versus what was serving my successes. It took some time to re-frame not only my way of thinking but also my way of being. My spiritual path has allowed me to recognize that feelings of insecurities and doubt were inevitably interfering with my calling, stealing away from my joy, and diminishing my power. Along this path of reawakening, I decided that I no longer desired being my worst critic but only the best witness to each opportunity and blessing. Here, I began to understand that I could not wait for others to open doors and validate my talent. I had the power to create my own opportunities and see my visions come to fruition! Once I took ownership of my destination, taking full inventory of my blessings as well as nurturing my sense of faith within myself, others, and God, healing and a renewed sense of self discovery occurred.

EverpureThroughout my career, I have been asked by many questions regarding the method to the achievement of my career, interpersonal relationships, and spirit. Many have wanted to know if there were a formula attached to these gains and how this could be applied to their lives. As I have shared with loved ones and colleagues the tools of development that I have acquired along my life mission, I would be overjoyed to share these tools with you. My service as a Lifestyle Developer is geared towards artists who are in need of revamping their sense of creativity, purpose, and direction. My role cannot be defined as a director, agent, manager, or psychotherapist, yet that of an expert consultant, faith-centered mentor, motivational figure, comrade, and soul cheerleader. My objective is to offer support concerning your ventures from a nonjudgmental and compassionate stance. As with most things in life, personal development is a process and I would like to work collaboratively with you in order to co-construct meaningful and attainable goals. I would like to become an appreciative ally, one who facilitates honest, direct, meaningful, and motivational dialogue as well as strategies to integrate into your life to increase feelings of hope, connection, direction, and resiliency. Our experience will be that of authenticity, I aim to create an atmosphere of healing and growth where enhanced self understanding is translated within your home, community, and profession. Together, you and I can take constructive measure to release certain setbacks which have been holding you back. It is time to release negative ways of internalizing and externalizing. It is time to take authority over the past and to move forward with grace, humility, purpose, and prosperity of mind and spirit. Let us rediscover your inner spirit, Let us showcase the very special and only you!

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