Shaelyn Rolf


Singer/Songwriter/Flutist from St. Louis, MO. First recorded professionally by Jeff Smith, Studio 2100 Springfield MO, Guided by Tyson Jones, discovered by Chris Pringle of CM3 Media Group at the Palms Pool in Las Vegas summer of 2013 at the Core DJ MixShow Live. Protege of Gregory Hutchison (Cold 187um), and mentored by Lazonate Franklin and Reginald Whitfield (2nd Wynn). 2014 Artist in Music Award nomination best pop song “Not the Same” 2014 Artist in Music Award nomination best R&B artist. 2014 Grammy Nomination Consideration for EP produced by Gregory Hutchison. Credits with Cold187um. Duane DaRock Ramos, Cali Barnes, EduPowered Media Group, Elisa Pisetta, Christian Postal, Kion Williams, LoonEbin ENT, Lazonate Franklin, Kenny Ray, Lenny “Love” Medina, British Decker, Pulp Music Group, Lunatik George, Shakir Muwwakil (Shak House), Gabriel Hughes, Alexa Ferr and Ian Anderson (From Stonegate). Live green screen show “Shaelyn Rolf Live” on SonicBox 2016 – 2017, reached 26 million live viewers sponsored by Gattyán Gyuri. On July 7, 2018 Shaelyn Rolf and Ian Anderson released their debut album “Sexy Dancy Vibes”.

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