Sara Phillips

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Sara is an independent, pop/soul singer-songwriter now living in Los Angeles, California. While living in New York City for almost four years, honing her craft, performing at the city’s most storied venues, and touring across North America, Sara wrote, co-produced, and recorded her self-titled debut EP. The response to her carefully-crafted original work was overwhelming. Her popular YouTube channel began to garner more fans, and hundreds of thousands of views. Sara later released a follow-up single, the heartfelt ‘Rolling Stone’, followed by her popular single, ‘Boy Who Let Me Down’, produced by Grammy-nominated Mike Daley and Mitchell Owens. Also produced by Daley and Owens, Sara’s highly anticipated second EP, ‘Sea Change’, was released on June 28th, and continues to grow her loyal fanbase. Sara writes with an honesty and raw emotionality that seems unparalleled in today’s popular music. Musically, Sara’s influences come from other singer-songwriter greats, including Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Amy Winehouse. Fans can find Sara on tour, on her YouTube channel, on iTunes and all other online music services.

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