Mark Hafeman is an award-winning, third generation artist who paints every day because he loves to create art. As an award-winning artist in oil and watercolor, Mark Hafeman provides beautiful original artwork for the home or office. He will also work on commission to paint an unusual or special piece that has relevance for the art patron. For example, he has painted depictions of homes and natural settings where weddings, unions, and farewells occurred.
As an undergraduate at Georgetown University, Mark took several design and ceramic classes and later taught ceramics and art. His style is distinctly Californian as is much of his subject matter with the exception of his award-winning flower compositions. He has completed a youtube video entitled “U can paint flowers”.
Mark Hafeman specializes in oil paintings of Los Angeles. He founded TULARIVA—Tuesday Los Angeles River Art for display of oil paintings in galleries in Los Angeles. He has been a professional oil painter in Los Angeles for many years and has an art studio in Los Angeles and an art studio in Ventura, California. He offers oil painting classes in Los Angeles. He has displayed in many Los Angeles fine art galleries including Descanso, LAAA, San Gabriel. Segil, Saga, and others. He specializes in plein air oil paintings and is part of the heritage of the California Art Movement.
Mark’s mother was a portrait artist. This year he won an Award of Merit from the Buenaventura Gallery where he is also the treasurer. He won a Purchase award from Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is a member of the California Art Club, Plein Air Artists Colorado and Plein Air Painters of Sante Fe. His work has shown nationally at the Monroe Symphony Art Auction in Louisiana. It has shown at the International Arts in Harmony show in Minnesota. He currently serves as Treasurer of the Buenaventura Art Association, the oldest art association in California.

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