Marc Bosserman

Marc Bosserman is an in demand Los Angeles based Pianist, Singer, Songwriter,Composer,Entertainer! Yes he’s even written Broadway Musicals! As a performer he plays Jazz Standards , Rock and Roll, adapts Heavy Metal for the piano and vocals, Plays Classical, Electronica, writes Film music, TV, Folksongs, what? Marc Bosserman really likes a good song. Fearless and highly creative!!Music has always been a focus in Marc’s life. His parents tell us that he could sing Frere Jacque ( a popular French song for children) perfectly when he was 3 years old…His dad bought a piano when Marc was 8 and a true love affair started. Piano lessons started immediately! And quite in addition the the usual piano lessons from day one Marc started figuring out melodies by ear and improvising along to the radio and listening to and watching anyone who played the piano and finding out what they were doing and trying it out. His three sisters would attest that he has played at least 10,000 variations of “Heart and Soul”,and about that many hours on playing variations on”Hit the Road Jack” .
Ok, Beethoven was included in his lessons and his fingers and ears were working out new melodies,harmonies and rhythm every chance he had. Several of those same sisters were also singers and Marc became an accomplished accompanist. King High School band experience added percussion and drumming into the mix and new musical forays into Big Band and Various Orchestral works.
Singing became a necessary skill when Marc started to play with at least 10 different bands in high school.
Guitar became a friend in times when no piano was available and a guitar was more portable and let’s face it there are so many great guitar songs. For Marc the best part was and still is, playing. With any and everyone. Interaction is an integral part of every performance. Music is soul food. And-it has to be fun. Currently in addition to his busy performance schedule-fine venues all over the Los Angeles area Marc writes for TV and Film He also works with a select group of awesome piano students. He also finds time to work in his home project recording studio with a boat load of accomplished songwriters on their song demos and their productions. Marc plays 5-10(or more) times a week for very cool people all over Los Angeles and loves every minute of it! The future looks bright! He plans to create more amazing music for cool people and plans to have a blast all the way doing it!!

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