Lindsay Solonycze


With her debut EP due out November 29th, Lindsay Solonycze has a versatile, classically-trained voice, stunning and virtuosic, with a modern, soulful sensibility close to her heart. Her first statement as a crossover classical artist invokes a cinematic feeling to her music, presence and look, featuring new twists on classic American standards & film favorites that bring forth the warmth and wholesomeness of the golden age of Hollywood. Accompanied by a live chamber orchestra & quintessential arrangements – all captured with the highest quality audio and videos – Lindsay’s break out recordings are timeless.
Originally from Denver, Lindsay studied Vocal Performance and Opera at the University of Colorado, Boulder and at La Musica Lirica in Novafeltria, Italy. A Disney alum and current print and commercial model, she has been invited to sing at numerous major sporting events (2016 Breeder’s Cup, 2015 World Ski Cup, 2014 Ironman) and concerts (The Denver Choir, University of Colorado Opera, Ouachita Baptist University Opera, Keystone Blues and Jazz Festival). Relocating to Los Angeles sparked Lindsay’s partnership with producers Marcel Camargo (Michael Bublé, Sergio Mendes, showtime’s Dexter) and Yonatan Elkayam (Walter Affanasief, Kenny G, John Cale) and within a matter of months the three have cultivated this momentous EP and video series. Together, this unique team has created an experience for listeners and viewers alike that is magical and full of classic charm, depth and joy.

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