Laura Stincer

Laura Stincer, born in Havana, Cuba was interested in the arts from a very young age. In the search for her true passion she became intrigued by theater and acted for a short while. However, it wasn’t until she was introduced to the flute at age ten, that she found her true voice and passion. She was one of the students of the Maestro Alberto Corrales. Just after the first few classes she became completely obsessed with her flute and the sounds she could produce through it. Due to her dedication and efforts in her studies, Stincer advanced in her lessons faster than most and was at the top of her class in her playing technique and abilities. Stincer won the first place prize, in “La Competencia De Flauta Nacional Amadeo Roldan”, the Amadeo Roldan, Cuban National Flute Competition.
After completing her education Stincer moved to the United States where she collaborated with many popular Latin singers such as Willy Chirino, Maggie Carles, Manny Perez and others. During that time Ramon Huerta (her dad) suggested to Stincer that she should release her own album as a soloist. Soon after, preparations were made and Mr. Huerta started the production and compositions of Stincer’s first full length album, “Sacrifice Of Love” which was later released in 2011 on iTunes, Amazon, and Stincer’s website, In 2013 Stincer she relocated to Los Angeles, California. Shortly after, she made a come back with her first single “Vortex Of Glory” in December 2013, which is revolutionizing Stincer’s style into something completely new and exciting. Stincer is currently getting a band together for the upcoming live concert performances while working on the production of her second full-length album.

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