Jeff Conrad


Jeff Conrad is a Los Angeles based editor, music composer, and drummer. He has drummed in Phantom Planet since 2004, replacing Jason Schwartzman. With Phantom Planet, he toured the world opening for acts like Sting, The Zombies, No Doubt, and Maroon 5.While touring, Jeff honed his skills as an editor by documenting life on the road. He went on to freelance edit for Max Joseph (of Catfish and Follow the Frog notoriety), GOOD, Kill Spencer, and others. He also served as Senior Editor in the video department at Good.While working at Good, Jeff began composing original music for the documentary videos he was editing. This parlayed into other free lance composing work that he continues to do. Jeff is mellow, easy to work with, punctual, reliable and efficient. Everything you would want in an editor or drummer, really. His work shows his attention to detail, his love of visual and audio economy, and his knack for creating a story and a strong mood.

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