Erin Marton


Erin here! Lucky for you, this page is the kicker – an easy way to figure out if we’re a good match…like being able to look at someone’s Tinder profile without even swiping one way or the other. My business and my heart are irrevocably intertwined. Creating photos and handing over your memories for a living is truly a dream. I have always seen the world a little differently – details and moments jump out at me, and sometimes my mind feels like a camera in that I’m able to see a picture form in front of me (whether the proper tools are in my hands or not).
When I was 13 years old, a boy took my ticket at the door of a church concert. I looked at him and just knew. We’ve been married almost 2 years, and we are so in love. For this reason, I see each wedding day as if it were my own. The details in our stories are all different, but we all get married because we are lucky enough to have an intimate connection with another human unlike what we have with anyone else on this planet. I think about what photos I love most from my own wedding day, and I am sure to catch those same moments at yours. Jesus is my Savior and reason for all that I do. I believe His message of sacrifice, generosity, and love is for everyone, and I’m committed to treating every couple with care and understanding for this very reason.

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