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Duke has been in the photography business for over 17 years. He attended college in Toronto, Canada, after which he relocated to Los Angeles. Duke began working for respected celebrity, portrait, and fashion photographers for several years. He now owns his successful luxury wedding photography business in Pasadena, CA. He has his own team of second photographers and production artists that are essential to his business and just as dedicated to the photography industry as he is. Duke has been published numerous times and has won multiple awards in his respective field.
Duke’s relentless pursuit to capture the best photos from your wedding day, along with his friendly personality, discreet presence and quick thinking, make him the perfect choice. He will leave your day capturing an abundance of glamorous, photojournalistic and long-lasting memories. Duke views each wedding as a fresh new assignment, striving to capture images that are unique to your wedding. His use of additional lighting and a keen eye to scout out the best locations are essential to his original style in wedding photography.

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