Dawn Bowery

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to look at my work. I specialize in creative portrait, editorial, corporate, and event photography in Los Angeles, London and surrounding areas. My background in film and television digital visual effects is evident in my classic composition, colour treatment, attention to detail and highly skilled retouching. I pride myself on being able to connect with people from all different walks of life and being able to put them at ease in front of the camera to capture flattering and creative portraits that tell a story. I have the experience to deliver high quality work with a fast turnaround tailored to meet individual requirements.
Having always been fascinated by places, people and cultures I find photography the perfect medium to capture and store the emotions of a moment in time. It has allowed me to stop and find stillness in this fast paced world and to glimpse into different lives. With fine art photography, the aim is to bring the environment; the story behind a moment directly into the imagination of the viewer, resulting in them feeling connected to the subject. I find that taking the photograph is just the beginning of a long journey of creativity. I undertake commissions for various photographic projects including creative portraits, editorial portraits, headshots, slice of life documentary for families, events and fine art.

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