Caitlin Dechelle

Caitlin Dechelle was born in Miami FL and currently lives in Los Angeles CA. At age six, she began her martial arts training and starting competing at age nine. She enjoyed the excitement of competing and continuously perfected her skills. She joined the Paul Mitchell karate team and went on to earn 90 NASKA World Titles. Competing provided her the opportunity to travel the world. Retiring from the competition circuit at 23, she is pursuing her dream as an actress while putting her martial arts skills to work doing stunts. She is a Garden of Life brand ambassador and is sponsored by Paul Mitchell Hair Care.
Jackie Chan saw her on ESPN’s US Open broadcast. He quickly summoned his team to have Caitlin join him in Chinese Zodiac. Caitlin had a co-starring role and did her own stunts as well. That was the beginning of wonderful friendship with Jackie. Caitlin is known for Wonder Woman, Teen Wolf, Fast and Furious 7, Supah Ninjas, Bones, Agents of Shield, John Carter, Percy Jackson – Sea of Monsters, Ray Donovan, The Thundermans, Castle, How I Met Your Mother, Pretty Little Liars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Asura, Midnight Texas & Altered Carbon.

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