Andrea Parker

Born in Pembury, Kent. 1971.A country girl at heart, Parker moved to London in the early 90’s to focus on her music (mainly to be a session singer). Her first job was in the advertising and film industry, where she started to collect library music, followed by a quick stint at college learning cubase and sequencing. A vinyl junkie and record digger, she then found herself working at the legendary Fat Cat record store. The next thing she knew, she was djing. This was never planned.An avid enthusiast of classic analogue synthesizers and drum machines, she decided to go into writing and production, starting off experimenting with sounds, sampling and manipulating them. Her production method is both unconventional and experimental; she has used the sound of her own sneezes, car tires running over cat’s eyes on the road and strapped a mic to the bottom of her car whilst going through a car wash to create bass tones.In the early 90’s, she began her first venture as Inky Blacknuss, colaborating with Alex Knight from Fat Cat and Ian Tregoning from Yello for the Sabrettes label producing Blacknuss.In 1993, Parker found herself in Belgium on the doorstep of David Morley, after Renaat Vandepapeliere ( founder R&S ) decided they should meet and try writing together. (This was because he heard her DJ at Lost whilst playing one of David’s records) The two went into David’s studio, a museum of analogue synthesizers and started recording. It was then that they formed Two Sandwiches Short Of A Lunchbox and recorded for Apollo (R&S) and together went on to produce the classic EP – angular art released on Infonet records. After looking around at various labels, Andrea decided it was time to write an album as andrea parker and signed a deal with Mo Wax. Her first few singles hinted at all sorts of possibilities: Melodious Thunk – an electro workout that was popular with DJs all over the world – followed by the string drenched Rocking Chair – an emotional ballad featuring string arrangements by Wil Malone ( known for his work with artists such as Massive Attack, Depeche Mode and Black Sabbath) Then came ‘Ball Breaker’ – just to confuse people even more. ( the title says it all! ) Finally “Kiss my arp” was created, recorded in Bavaria with her long-term studio partner David Morley. This was released as both a vocal and instrumental album. This was an album of many emotions and sonic textures – a fact not lost on the film and advertising fraternity, who have used tracks from it extensively. Their uses and users have been diverse. The biggest one to date, was on blockbuster movie- Vanilla Sky – where Tom Cruise is dancing to “Too Good To Be Strange’. TV exploits have ranged from the renowned astronomer; Patrick Moore’s Sky At Night; a documentary on NASA; a mugging crime re inaction on Richard & Judy; a toilet paper advert in Taiwan; a porn film; The Finnish National Ballet and photographer Nick Knight have also used her tracks.Following on from ‘Kiss my arp’ she went back to a Belgium label again Quatermass a subsidiary of Sub rosa, releasing a mini album called ‘The Dark Ages’ ( aptly named ) It was this EP that got her the Radiohead tour.

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