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Alex & LydiaThe “I Do” Photography is a boutique family owned company for wedding photography and videography in Los Angeles headed by Alex & Lydiaa brother (Alex) and sister (Lydia) duo with a wonderful team of wedding photographers and videographers. We have over a 300 weddings Alex & Lydiaand dozens of other events under our belt and we are adding to that list every week. We are grateful to our amazing clients for making us one of the top rated wedding photographers and videographers in Los Angeles area.

Ancient Arts

We shoot in the Illustrative Style of Wedding Photography, which is a mix of photojournalism and traditional or classical approach. Whether the picture is a candid shot or one of those we help create by gently directi ng the couple, our firm belief that that every picture has to make the viewer feel something with both photography and videography. For our editing style we love bright colors and lots of light with an occasional vintage and black and white wedding photo.

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