Red Lyon Band


From different parts of the planet, the members of The Red Lyon Band have come together for the love of playing live! Their sound ranges from power rock to multi-textured album-alternative, and originals, they deliver everything from one extreme to another with both reckless abandon and delight. This powerhouse rock band consists of dynamic a singer/Songwriter, Annie Lyon, and Jim Baich prolific guitar player and songwriter. Combined, they bring a retro and unique sound you don’t hear anymore in music. Their originals are powerful and full while creating some amazing harmonics & goose-bump causing hooks, all blended over a masterful sound machine of guitars, bass, keyboards, and drums. They range from good time rock and roll with a little soul-twang to boot. The covers they bring to the stage, while staying true to the covered artist, also bring their own unique blend of artistry. It is evident that the band is having a time of their lives, and shows during every performance. Though Red Lyon always pushes for something fresh, their sound is primarily a rock vibe that utilizes many elements of classic and modern rock music, heavily influenced by each musician’s own musical background. While they concentrate on writing original music for future album release, their live shows are faithful tributes reflecting a song catalog of popular songs that dominate the airwaves and appeal to a wide group of listeners of all ages.

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