Noybel Gorgoy


Born and raised in Pinar de Rio Cuba and now based in Las Vegas, United States of America, Noybel Gorgoy is a gifted musician, singer-songwriter and pianist. Her sound is influenced by the Latin music owing to her Cuban roots. She has a track record of countless performances, touring around the world on grandeur platforms.
Noybel carries on her career with an aim of showcasing her culture on international platforms through her music.
Multi talented musician, songwriter and pianist Noybel Gorgoy is an artist on a mission; to elevate Cuba’s name by representing her ethnicity through her intense energy, musical diversity, and feminine allure.
Born and raised on the island of Cuba, Noybel credits her choice of genre to a land largely defined by its significant influence on the Latin Music industry. She draws her inspiration from her father, Mr. Noel Gorgoy, a top-notch songwriter and one of the pioneers of Nueva Trova Musical Genre in Pinar del Río.
Noybel’s first brush with the world of music was performing with Titirivida, a group she would later partake with in song creation for a record collaboration with Pinar Son, a popular Cuban music group. At the age of six, she had her first professional recording in the local Pinar del Río radio station. At seven, she joined the School of Arts of Pinar del Río to study classical piano, musical theory and vocal training, later becoming part of the school female choir as one of the lead soloists.
Subsequently, she joined the National School of Arts, Habana, delving into the theory and history of music, harmony, piano and vocal training. Afterwards she enrolled at Habana University of Arts at nineteen. Her mission was simple; to expand her skill in classical vocal training and advanced musical theory. While there, she became part of a team of educators for the Middle- Level School of Pinar del Río, an opportunity that sharpened her skills as an independent musician.
Noybel was featured in the record “Calle 66 la Nueva Onda Cubana” and “Soy Latina”, records aimed at exposing young musicians at the time. That did propel her career. She was invited to perform on Super 12, a television show presented by Gerardo Piloto, one of the best drummers in Cuba and director of the band, Klimax.
Noybel boasts of great musical experiences at a young age: an invite as a special guest for the first solo concerts of Leo Vera at the Amadeo Roldan Theatre; membership at the renown Cuban band, Azucar Negra; being part of the National and European Tour and Gorgoy; a feature in the “Sin mirar atras”, a recording released in 2004 and sharing a television show, 23 y M, with Leo Vera and Tania Poantoja to celebrate El Chispa y Los Complices, a famous band at that time among other experiences.
A budding young talented lady with broadening opportunities, Noybel would join the Azucar Band in the summer of 2004, a well established group of musicians with an international music approach and unique taste of choreography. Thereafter, she became part of the Cuban Show, Lady Salsa, gaining a platform to showcase her musical and dancing skills on international stage.

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