A multi-media art studio specializing in all aspects of hand-painted, professionally designed murals, signs and graphics. With over 3 decades as an independent professional artist, designer and muralist, principal Mark Melnick has experience in all facets of commercial, scenic and fine arts. Mark’s proficiency in a wide array of painting styles and techniques assures an efficient professional work plan as well as offering clients unlimited artistic direction.
Mr. Melnick has also participated in many projects and residencies that introduce children and young adults to the creative process through mural painting. These projects are structured around professional mural painting techniques and procedures with an emphasis on the finished piece and how it will integrate with its environment. Mr. Melnick is also part of the Nevada Arts Council’s Artists in Schools + Communities Roster.
Mel-Nicholas Studio is licensed and insured + OSHA certified.
Artist R. Mark Melnick resides in Las Vegas Nevada where he has lived and worked since 2000. He is currently principal and founder of Mel-Nicholas Studio. In addition to his commercial practice, Mr. Melnick is a devoted plein-aire landscape painter and portrait painter.

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