LEISA K (Singer / Songwriter / Booking / Mischief Maker)
Leisa K has been writing lyrics and songs since the 1960s.
A seasoned Blues, Soul, and Americana vocalist hailing from New Orleans, LA, she has a great sense of rhythm and loves a strong groove.
She is a powerful and passionate vocalist and a terrific story teller.
Leisa K is an energetic performer and easily invites people into her world of music.
She has worked with Blind Bryan Lee (The Braille Blues Daddy, NOLA), Doug Hamblin (Los Angeles to NOLA), Sticky T (30×90 Blues Women, NOLA), and countless others.
She has shared the stage with many musicians both in New Orleans and elsewhere, including but certainly not limited to Gatemouth Brown, Matt Baldoni, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, Boz Skaggs, Bob Ashman, Charles “Chuckie C” Elam, and Russell Jackson.
TERRY HAYDEN (Lead Guitar, Vocals, Engineer)
Born and raised in Northern California, Terry Hayden has been playing music professionally for more than 30 years.
He has studied the Rock bands from the 1960s and 1970s and is a fan of The Rolling Stones among other English Rock Bands.
His edge is that he plays the Blues with a different feel. It’s edgy when need be and sweet as can be when the song calls for it.
He and Leisa K are a great songwriting team, primarily because he fully understands where Leisa K is coming from with her ideas, grooves, and melodies.
A versatile bassist, Norm comes to us from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi via Austin, Texas.
He is a seasoned player with a deep groove pocket and a great ear.
Norm adds that “Gulf Coast Grease” to The Pickups’ sound that helps make our sound unique and funky.
His favorite pastime is Snipe Hunting and he is a master of that.
Andrew grew up in the Washington, DC area.
He is a Navy veteran and has played all over the world.
He plays various genres from Orchestral Music to Jazz to Rock to Blues
He is known for his perfect meter, dry wit, and attention to detail.

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