John Michael Ferrari

John Michael Ferrari writes songs about his life experiences and the experiences of others. His music speaks to us; we can relate to the message or story in the song. ?
After a lifetime of performing other people’s songs, and at the encouragement of his music producer Pepper Jay, John Michael Ferrari has written and arranged dozens of original songs across several genres.
Born in Los Angeles, California, John Michael Ferrari’s early years were spent in San Francisco, Reno, Vegas, and Carson City. At 15, a Judge called him incorrigible and, although John Michael didn’t know what that meant, the Judge sentenced him to the Carson City Orphanage. John Michael joined the Army at 18. During and after the Vietnam War, John Michael further educated himself, and communicated with others through his song performance and song-writing. John Michael not only writes music and lyrics but he is an accomplished music arranger. He lives with his music producer of 30 years, Pepper Jay, first in Hollywood, California, and the past 4 years on a ranch in Pahrump, Nevada. John Michael writes emotional story-telling alt country pop bubble-gum love & cross-genre songs with touches of sophistication and/or child-like wonder. John Michael Ferrari writes songs about his life experiences.
John Michael Ferrari’s music producer for over 30 years, Pepper Jay, describes John Michael Ferrari’s music as “poetry and stories put to music with unique retro sounds and emotionally piercing lyrics.”

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