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We are Jessie & Jason Emeric, a married couple photographing amazing destination weddings in Las Vegas + California + Worldwide! We believe in living life to the fullest, that champagne shouldn’t just be for special occasions, and exploring new places should be done often. We’re so happy you found us! Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of bubbly and stay awhile! Just keep scrolling down to enjoy.
I’m Jessie and together with my husband Jason, we are The Emerics. We are west coast wedding photographers based out of Las Vegas, who will travel anywhere for a great wedding. We made Las Vegas our home in 2008 and have embraced desert living. We photograph weddings together, we’re raising a family together, we travel together, we dream together. Being together is the best place to be.
We’re passionate about wedding photography because we love to connect with new people. We believe you deserve beautiful photos to go alongside your beautiful love story and we want to be the ones to create those for you. We don’t just want to take pretty pictures on your wedding day, though. We want to be part of the experience. We want to get to know you as a couple, get to know what you like, what you’re passionate about and document your wedding day in a fresh, fun, and authentic way that is true to you. Your wedding day is about telling the world you found your soul mate, the one who knows your quirks and loves you for them! Who better to capture your day, than the two of us?!? We get it. We know what it’s like to find THE one and never want to let go.

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