Jenn Clark


Jenn Clark is an incredibly talented and accomplished singer / songwriter. She began singing at age 13 and writing songs around age 16 and has competed in many competitions, performed on live TV and in showcases in Los Angeles, appeared in music videos, radio stations, on TV shows, as well as cutting her own CD all before the age of 18. Jenn has always been inspired by the music of the 1950’s and 1960’s, and that influence is evident in her music today, especially in songs like The One I Adore.
Jenn began writing her own music early on, and has continued to develop into a creative and envisioned composer and songwriter. She moved to Las Vegas in 1999, and around 2006 began to record her own music in studios. In 2010, Jenn was approached by a music producer in Los Angeles, and they now work together on her projects in LA. Jenn was in the studio producing 2 new songs and put a 5 song CD together to submit to various record labels. She has other projects in the works, including performing in outreach events for the Homeless and American Cancer Society events in Las Vegas, and is also considering competing in some well-known vocal competitions in the near future. Jenn is also on the Vocal Team at her church, Canyon Ridge Christian Church, volunteering at least 1 weekend per month (4 services per weekend).
Once you listen to this hauntingly beautiful voice, you will not be able to get it out of your mind. Jenn Clark is a true original and a very gifted singer and musician.

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