Irina Nero


Irina Nero is a Russian pop and jazz celebrity singer and lyricist. She is a classically-trained singer that performs classical music, standards, pop, jazz, rock and opera. Her pop music videos and jazz songs can be found on Russian radio, TV and YouTube. She has also performed at the top venues in Russia, as well as hundreds of private parties and corporate events. She was a vocal coach at the number one private school in Moscow until 2017, when she moved to Las Vegas and began performing in numerous Las Vegas locations such as: Siena Italian Bistro, The Italian American Club, Trattoria Reggiano, Café Mayakovsky, Silverton, Suncoast, and Rampart Casino’s, and many other locations.
Irina Nero was born in a small town near Moscow, Russia. Her family name is Arkhangelskaya, which means angel with six wings. Since childhood, Irina has had a great interest in music, writing poems, melodies and singing. At the age of 3, she heard her first foreign song – Bobby McFerrin’s, “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. It was this nsong that inspired the beginning of her music studies and influenced her love for foreign music. Irina believed that as a poor Russian child, she would never have a chance to experience this wonderful music live. Through her hard work and persistence, she has made this dream come true.
In 1992 and at the age of 7, Irina started music school. She later attended a music college and was awarded a scholarship to study for her undergraduate and master’s degrees in music. She graduated at the top of her class and with both degrees. During her 15 years of studding music, she began to write songs, poems, sang at her local church and performed at local functions.
In 2007, after receiving all music diplomas, Irina was asked to teach at her alma mater. After teaching, she began to perform at the top cabaret lounges, nightclubs and concert halls in Moscow, which then catapulted her career as a Russian pop star and lyricist. She seeks to continue her pop and jazz success in Las Vegas, as well as demonstrate her appreciation and love for music and the United States.

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