Elli Egilsson

Elli Egilsson (b. 1981) is a self taught oil painter born and raised in Reykjavík, Iceland but currently lives and works in Las Vegas, NV.
I have a studio in the south part of the Los Angeles area in Crenshaw where the landscape is much different than what I paint and that is the reason I chose that area, I prefer to have no distractions from my surroundings, a total opposite of the topic that I’m creating.
What I am painting and why I chose this topic, landscape, is simply to interpret my memories of my homeland how I remember it, by raising the awareness of how much Iceland has been affected due to the consequences of global warming. Glaciers are melting and have been nearly continuously losing volume since 1995. The glaciers are responding to the warming of the climate and even if the warming would suddenly stop, the glaciers would still continue to lose volume.
From what I remember as a kid raised up in Iceland, on Christmas Eve, the grounds were covered with thick layers of milky snow while today Icelanders are lucky enough if they see a glimpse of a light thin white coat for a day or two. Therefor I feel like it is my obligation to paint this beautiful untouched landscape of my home country for others to enjoy and to remember it by in the near future. My work is to simply reflect a reminder for our future generations of what the world looked like during these present times by exhibiting it with coats of varnished classic oil paint on linen like our past masters left behind for us and our generations to remember the history of the state of the world seen by the artist’s perspective.
I’ve developed a continuous series of work based particularly on the shape and texture of uninhabited lava fields covered with snow and moss. This is something that I will continue to develop and evolve with my techniques in texture, light and layers of natural brush strokes.

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