Elijah Rock

Long-dedicated to upholding and aligning himself with the first class carriage and aesthetic of timeless entertainment, singer/actor/dancer/recording artist/author, Elijah Rock is carrying the blazing torch for the legacy of The Great American Songbook. Rock can also be seen headlining as the lead vocalist in Vegas! The Show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.
No stone goes unturned as Rock prepares to release his debut book entitled, The Fine Art of Romance- A Bachelor’s Handbook where he offers men practical ways in the “Art” of seduction and understanding women coupled with honoring none’s personal Credo and spiritual practice.
Gershwin For My Soul was the Cleveland-born baritone’s critically acclaimed debut album (LP). Jazziz Magazine marveled, “Rock brings both chops and emotion to his masculine yet sensitive delivery.” Rock travelled to Thailand to star and make his directorial debut in a gorgeous music video for the lead single/title track “Gershwin For My Soul” which offers a sensual touch of class to video outlets around the globe. Rock and his lovely co-star cavort in the sun-dappled climes and evening breezes of Phuket interspersed with Elijah crooning about the timeless grace of George and Ira Gershwin.
It is but one of 12 masterful performances on the album, produced and arranged by Grammy-winning keyboardist/musical director Kevin Toney (original member of The Blackbyrds) to bring the music of Gershwin into its rightful contemporary space, ably aided by bassist John B. Williams and drummer Greg Paul, plus guitarists Jacques Lesure and John Storie. The arrangements range from hiply syncopated updates on “Fascinating Rhythm” and “Our Love is Here to Stay” to Rock milking the rarely heard extended introduction to “How Long Has This Been Going On?” (before it falls like feathers into a soft brushed blues) and a version of the delightful “S’Wonderful” in a tender take that recalls the spirit of recently departed Al Jarreau. The album represents a full circle journey for Rock who started singing at age 8 in church, attended University Prep School followed by his introduction to Gershwin’s “Porgy & Bess” at age 16 while a young artist at the Cleveland Institute of Music.
That connection is key to Elijah Rock, who revived the music of “Porgy & Bess” in a revolutionary new presentation that was originally written as an Opera then turned into a Broadway musical, into a pure jazz adaptation. This “Porgy & Bess” premiered at the 300-seat Ensemble Theater in Santa Barbara, California to raves from audiences bowled over by the intimacy, the freshness and Rock’s vocal and acting mastery. The Ventura Star hailed, “It’s Rock’s magical singing that makes him stand out, with extended lines and graceful nuance delivered by a voice that can be forceful or gentle as the moment demands.”
Winner of the 2014 NAACP Theater Award for Best Male Equity performer in “Breath and Imagination: The Story of Roland Hayes” triple threat Rock sailed into these endeavors on the wings of glowing acclaim for his stage performances that include his 2016 Ovation Award Nomination for his role as the legendary Cotton Club star Cab Calloway in the musical revue “I Only Have Eyes For You” produced by legendary producer/song-writer(s,) Corky Hale and Mike Stoller. Other Notable roles include The Crooner in “Words by Ira Gershwin.” The Glendale News raved, “Baritone Rock, with charm to spare, shifts smoothly from crisp jazz phrasings to the operatic…” The Hollywood Progressive proclaimed, “The youthful Rock, who appears in Showtime’s TV series ‘Masters of Sex,’ is establishing himself as one of his generation’s foremost interpreters and performers of The Great American Songbook.”
Beyond the stage, composer and director Dean Hakada is developing a documentary under the working title of “Breath and Imagination- The Rise of a Black Crooner,” which delves into the makings of Rock- a true classic crooner and partially inspired by a cherished Bel Canto vocal technique that extends from Spaniard Manuel Garcia (who taught it to the Italians where it became a staple of opera) and Vladimir Chernov (the great Russian Baritone who Rock adapted the technique from) to the late Roland Hayes, an African American tenor singer who Rock has portrayed on regional stages across the country and who he believes embraced and embodied the technique philosophically.
Rock elucidates, “It’s about breathing a tonality that manifests a sound. What you are singing on the breath reflects the core essence of what you are feeling/thinking in the moment. Breathing is the function that unites us all. If you’re not breathing, you’re not living. That philosophy is important for singers. The stage is our platform, and I believe that the entertainer’s job is to be transparent and vulnerable, ultimately, to unite through the honest exploration of a shared creative experience that brings joy and revelation to the audience. That doesn’t mean we can’t address sensitive subjects but at the end of the day, the resolution is how we can live together. And art enables us to first envision that which we ultimately long to make real.”
”Rock concludes. “I am grateful to so many singers that continue to inspire me, like Billy Eckstine, Johnny Hartman, Nat King Cole, Freddy Cole and Arthur Prysock to name a few. The music I sing from The Great American Songbook, Broadway, Classical accompanied by my original compositions is what I consider to be timeless because it’s rooted in the foundation of America’s cultural and musical legacy. But it’s also performance art in the universal language of music for all ages, shared with an explicit intention to imagine a world where human beings see each other as equals in all walks of life – an open window into open-mindedness, and a singular, compassionate vision of a united humankind.”
Hot off the press, Rock is excited to release his new upcoming album, “Matters of the Heart.” Just to name a few, Rock collaborates with producer Suzi Reynolds and features his original composition “Matters of The Heart” as well as other American Songbook classics such as “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” “The Shadow of Your Smile, “The Good Life” and more.
Audiences around the globe revel in Rock’s heart-tugging performances, including Rock’s original material that is striking a hot chord with fans. His latest single release, “New York City Springtime” is available for download.

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