Doug Bean

I’m Doug Bean the luckiest man in the world because I’m married to Mindy Bean. We have been married over 13 years now and are more in love now than ever.
At first with Mindy Bean Photography I was just the man behind the curtain. Running the business. After getting out of the Marine Corps I finished my BA in Accounting and was working on my MBA in Finance, working a full time job, plus running all the backend for Mindy’s Business. One day she handed me a camera and said let’s go you are coming to second shoot with me for a wedding. I wasn’t really that excited but went. As soon as I picked up the camera and caught that first beautiful moment at a wedding I was hooked. I loved figuring out the camera because there is so much math to getting the settings just right for the best possible photograph. Since I understood that I was able to teach Mindy how to use her settings better.
While working very hard at being the best photographer I can be I have had the pleasure of having the most demanding teacher possible. Mindy has always made me a better man but she even made me a better photographer. It took some time but in Early 2010 I was able to stop working my other job and go full time as a photographer. The best part of it is I have never looked back and loved every minute of it!
Mindy and I still work together and travel all over the world for weddings but I actually photograph more weddings now that she does. I love photographing weddings from the small two hour elopements on the Strip to the big all day affairs. We want to meet most couples budgets so we keep my weddings at a discount compared to Mindy.

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