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My name is Deidra Wilson and I am a Las Vegas photographer. I cheerfully photograph women’s boudoir, weddings and the occasional engagement. Whether you’re getting married or getting sexy, my camera loves to capture it all (and so do I!). I’m glad you’re here and I invite you to look around and learn more about what makes me, well, me! I live for the moments that give a sense of meaning to our lives: a quiet, yet expressive gaze between lovers, two people promising their lives to each other, the joy and unbridled happiness that shows on the faces of my clients as I coach them through a photo shoot. The elation that comes from those simple pleasures is undeniable to me, and it’s what drives my passion for capturing those very moments. I love it when I hear someone tell me, “That wasn’t that hard!” That’s because having pictures made should be fun!
I have been a photographer for more than 15 years, working with everyone from high end commercial clients to the most fabulous brides and women embracing their power and sexuality, capturing every little detail along the way. This experience lends an unmatched perspective when it comes to creating images that speak to a client’s heart and soul. I see beauty and promise in things that might have gone otherwise unnoticed. I strive to create a unique experience and unique images for each and every one of my clients along the way. Everyone’s story is different. Everyone’s life is full of desire and meaning. And everyone deserves to have their story told; passionately, and without restraint, just as we strive to live our lives.
Print StopI like to work hard, I love to have fun, and I live to create timeless images that inspire emotion. My life is filled with afternoon bike rides with my husband, snapping endless pictures of my family, lazy Sunday nights at home, impromptu and sometimes improbable road trips, the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip and equally, the bright night sky over the majestic desert that I call home. I find myself inspired by my clients. I love that I’m able to capture the moments that make up real life and preserve them for the remarkable people that I work with. Simply put, I love people and I adore their stories. You are the reason that I am a photographer. And I can’t wait to meet you, discover your story and help you tell it in an extraordinary way.

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