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Danny Wright, the pianist and composer, also known as “The Healer of Hearts,” makes music that touches and uplifts people every day, all over the world.
With the 2012 release of Black & White: The Classics, he celebrated 25 years in piano and marked the exciting re-release of his entire Moulon D’Or catalog, buth physically and digitally. These improved reissues and new compilations will join dozens of other recordings, of which he has sold over 6 million albums worldwide.
As one of the nation’s finest pianist/composers, Danny’s many recordings defy classification. He specializes in several music styles: Adult Contemporary Piano, New Age, Classical, Broadway show tunes, and Film music. He is a Steinway artist, and performs extensively, tailoring programs to his audiences’ tastes for each event. He has played many of the finest venues and symphonies in the world.
No personal tale is too small to inspire the music in Wright’s heart. Many of his albums include songs written in response to a fan he may never have met, a child or adult in need of healing, or music for a wedding, anniversary or other cause for celebrations. It is from real-life experiences that Danny draws inspiration, and through his composing and playing he truly becomes a “healer of hearts,” as one of his albums is aptly titled.
Danny’s recent recordings are highly-sophisticated in their simplicity, and expertly played on his beloved Steinway piano. One might say his original compositions are similar in style to David Lanz or George Winston, while subtly pulling inspiration from classical composers such as Beethoven, Pachelbel and Debussy, and by such Broadway greats as Gershwin, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jerome Kern and Stephen Sondheim.
Wright’s music is embraced across various genres including Adult Contemporary Piano, New Age, Christian and Gospel. Nineteen of his albums remain steady on Amazon’s Top 100 Hot Sellers in the Adult Contemporary category, and he was thrice named by Billboard Magazine as a Top 10 artist in the New Age genre. Twice, he has been nominated by the National Association of Record Merchandisers as the Best Seller in the New Age category.
Danny’s destiny began to unfold at age four in Fort Worth, TX, when he reached up and played the theme from Dr. Zhivago on the piano in the family’s living room with two hands. Recognizing an exceptional gift, his parents arranged for study under the respected professor, Dr. Harris Cavender. Since that time, Danny’s life has consisted of his love of music, the piano and his desire to share his gift with others. His warm, outgoing personality combined with extraordinary talent has enabled him to touch millions of listeners through his recordings, concerts, and personal correspondence.
Trained as a classical pianist, Wright composes and performs original compositions that are blended with various influences including new age piano, contemporary jazz, classical and neoclassical. CD Review described his original compositions as “…fluidly crafted, backed up by exquisite musicianship.” Wright also performs his own gorgeous arrangements of Broadway and film classics by well-loved composers. When not in the studio recording, Danny performs in concert as a guest artist with pops symphonies and has appeared in concert at top venues from the Berklee Performance Center in Boston to the Schoenburg Hall in Los Angeles.
From 2000 to 2004, Danny Wright signed with Real Music to release Soul Mates (2001), Do You Live, Do You Love (2002), and Danny Wright Healer of Hearts (2003), a newly-recorded collection of his 25 best-loved songs. During that time, he was also commissioned to compose for the musical Phantom Immortal. Soul Mates, Do You Live, Do You Love and Danny Wright Healer of Hearts have all been Billboard magazine charting albums, with Danny Wright Healer of Hearts achieving Top 10 status.
In 2009, Danny released Walking in Faith, a collection of faith-based songs dedicated to his parents. Danny’s mother, Gloria, was a breast cancer survivor for many years, and he continues to gratefully play concerts in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. His other charitable efforts are inspired by his love for animals and the innocence of children, for which he performs numerous benefit concerts in support of the Humane Society, the Pediatric AIDs Foundation, and The American Red Cross.
In 2012, Danny acquired the Moulon D’Or back catalog containing his most popular albums (including the Black & White Series) that he is re-releasing in full through his WH Sound Studio in Las Vegas, NV.

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