Cherish Fletcher


From imagination comes her unique, Whimsical and captivating Art with a whimsical flair. Her painting method is intuitive, varied, and contemplative. Her painting style is expressive and colorful. Texture and color figure prominently in her art work. Every imaginative piece tells a story and has a deeper meaning. Cherish considers emotional connection the ultimate goal of her art. Originally a Southern California Native, Cherish has now resides and paints in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Although Cherish has received some formal Art education, she is mainly self taught and works in Top Artist Grade Acrylics and Mediums as well as mixed media.
Cherish has been a Professional Artist for 20+ years and creates new and varied pieces monthly. Her works are available at Art Galleries in the Las Vegas, NV area and in her online Shop. In addition, a wide range of exclusive printed merchandise is just a click away via the Studio’s online shop.
“I remember my childhood being magical and full of imaginative wonder and adventure where the small mountains and rocky hills near my home town of Yucaipa, Ca were long sleeping dinosaurs, the moon followed me in cars and the forest had fairies that could be seen if you could sit still long enough and look close enough.”
These memories are my touchstone and I strive to create this whimsical and emotionally wondrous feelings of that world in art.
Cherish has Vascular Ehlers Danlos syndrome EDS awareness is dear to her heart and donates a portion of all sales to EDS Charities in partnership with the Pledgling Foundation.
Cherish has a big fan base from around the world and creates a line of Zebra Art for EDS awareness.

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