Chef Aleta

Chef Aleta is an exquisite personal chef and caterer. Whatever your dietary needs, Aleta can provide you with delicious, health, and beautiful meals.
Welcome Chef Aleta into your kitchen, as she welcomes you into her kitchen wherein lies her love, life and passion. Her kitchen is a special place where family can be family. Where all of the day’s woes come to a halt and the days struggles as wells as its triumphs can be shared over a good meal; where love is extended to all who share a table with her by the fruit of her labor… her cooking. Following the age old belief that there is a purpose for all of us Chef Aleta has found her calling, or maybe it found her…
Chef Aleta is a Las Vegas caterer and chef who has been providing personal chef and catering services to Henderson and Las Vegas for over a decade. Chef Aleta provides weekly and monthly meal service for families and individuals and provides custom menus. She will meet with a client and go through a detailed questionnaire to learn personal preferences. The meals are GMO free, organic, and she accommodates special needs for those who eat raw, vegan, gluten free, or have food allergies. She also prepares meals for tube feeders. Chef Aleta does all the shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. Events that the chef caters include banquets, baby showers, tea parties, weddings, bridal showers, corporate events, themed parties, luncheons, and dinners for two or more people. Chef Aleta is ServSafe certified. Clients appreciate her attention to detail, accommodating nature, and organization.

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