Brett Baughman


Brett has been a professional photographer since 2001 working primarily in Los Angeles, CA & Las Vegas, Nevada. He began shooting headshots/portraits in Los Angeles when he was dared by a friend to start-up a new business. Well it paid off! Brett revolutionized the way Hollywood looked at actors when he began introducing color digital photos into a black and white world. The rest is history! Within thirty days, Brett was the premiere choice for head shot photography that got you in front of casting directors & agents. For the next decade he enjoyed working with over twenty-two agencies in Los Angeles and Chicago.
After becoming popular with actors & agencies, Brett branched out and began shooting models for print ads, commercial and editorial. Brett is an award-winning Life Coach and Business Coach and for two decades he has coached countless couples (at every stage of their relationship) to find success and happiness together.
When you book your photo shoot with Brett, he uses the same level of expertise and knowledge to help you feel comfortable and to make sure you get the best photos you’ve ever taken!
“I have spent most of my life either in front of the camera or behind it, directing or taking photography. And for most of us, that is not our favorite place to be. As a coach and therapist I work with clients every day to help them overcome fears and negative feelings. With photography it’s great because I get to marry the two skills and help the person I am shooting to have fun in front of the camera and at the same time capture incredible photos!”

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