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Catherine ThogersenCatherine is a professional Marilyn Monroe impersonator/look-alike based in Las Vegas. She is available for birthday parties, anniversary parties, weddings, corporate events, grand openings, conventions or anywhere you need to draw attention or need entertainment. She is willing to travel. She has a catalog of songs that she performs, along with a lot of Marilyn’s original choreography. Sge ags a number of Marilyn’s most famous dresses. All were custom handmade and look very authentic. She even has a portable updraft platform if you would like her to reenact the famous scene from the “Seven Year Itch!”Print Stop USA
Catherine started performing as Marilyn as a teenager in her hometown of Livingston, Montana. She graduated with a bachelor degree in Theatre from the University of Montana, then immediately moved to Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, she has played a variety of roles, but she has always had a special place in her heart for playing the sexy yet vulnerable screen siren, Marilyn Monroe. She has performed as Marilyn for countless events, either solo, with Elvis and other impersonators, or with facsimiles of the “Rat Pack,” as in The Tribute. She can help you contact other celebrity impersonators as well.

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