Yeqiang Wang

Yeqiang WangYeqiang Wang is currently an Associate Professor of Art at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. He achieved his MFA degree at the School of Visual Arts, University of Windsor in Windsor Canada in 2000 and his B.F.A. degree at Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts in Chongqing China in 1991.
When He read about the novel Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There by the English writer Lewis Carroll, he was fascinated. In the story Alice wonders what the world is like behind the reflected scene on a mirror surface. To her surprise, she is able to pass through this mirror to experience an alternate world. The story is regarded as “literary nonsense” by some people, but makes a lot of sense to him. When he was a teenager Wang always wanted to see the world. Not until he was 33 years old did he make the long trek from China to North America to explore his “wonderland”. Although he thought he was psychologically ready for a new move, Yeqiang Wangwhat he has experienced in North America was a lot of cultural shock: different language, different tradition, different value system and so on. He was confused and annoyed for some time at first. Then, he started to embrace his confusion and use it as the inspiration for his paintings. Frankly speaking, even though he has been here for thirteen years, He’s still experiencing difficulties in perceiving the whole picture of the new culture, as if there were a piece of glass between the world and him. In his “Reflection” painting series, he uses newly-made friends here as subjects and the glass window as a metaphor to reflect his fragmented impression of this new culture, which is sometimes clear and sometimes blurry. The fragmented images look surreal, just like Alice’s experience in wonderland. Likewise, he has created a new “wonderland” where he can wander, learn and grow.

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