Victor Le’Yon

Victor Le’Yon

Victor Le’Yon is a performer and business owner who can take on any role for your event – whether it’s being a host, a stilt walker, curating a group of variety and circus entertainers, or as an award winning magician specializing in sleight of hand magic and theatrical presentations. This can include custom and unique effects, like producing a dozen live butterflies at a time, dangerous stunts like needle swallowing, and illusions like the classic mirror penetration.
Victor Has been performing magic for 12+ years after seeing his first magic show at a young age with his father who soon passed a few months after the show. For Victor Magic was the last real memory he had to his father and that sent Victor on a journey that would soon become the largest part in shaping his life. Through discoveries of adoption, bullying, depression, ADHD, coming out as gay man while being raised in a very conservative environment, being kicked out of his home at the age of 17, severed ties with his family, homelessness, and even suicide attempts Victor has found that Magic, Friendship, and a Want to succeed brought him through all of his adversities to be the young man that has accomplished so much at such a young age. Even still Victor perfects and restores classic magic and sleight of hand to be used for modern audiences. Victor prides himself on staying true to himself and what he loves and always tries to put a seamless polish on all of his routines andVictor Le’Yon performances in hopes of inspiring someone else to follow their dreams like so many have inspired him to not give up his own. With all of these various acts, Victor Le’Yon offers high quality entertainment, experience in the U.S. and internationally with top venues, museums, casinos, conventions, and festivals.
He’s been known to leave audiences in awe with his jaw dropping magic shows and his charming personality makes him unforgettable. His unique take on classic magic makes him one of the best, and now he wants to work with you. He offers a little of everything for everyone. Who better than an award-winning close-up magician to provide quality walk-around entertainment at you gala or corporate function? “Strolling Magic”, as we call it in the magic world, is a perfect way to break the ice of any social setting. The guest will never forget the magic they saw and will get to keep one of a kind souvenirs from these intimate performances to remind them of any event for a very long time! Victor Le’Yon provides full length shows complete with sound, music, audience participation, visual award-winning magic tricks, and so much more! Victor can work to audiences up to 1200 and perform a full length show up to 1 hour!

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