Tracy Allison & The Drive


Tracy Allison & The Drive performs a wide variety of music such as new country, outlaw country, bluegrass, rock & new arrangements on songs everyone will remember as well as her own recordings. Tracy performs for the enjoyment of the crowd and is a veteran performer in the music industry. They are a high energy group that has great musicians and performers. Tracy Allison & The Drive have played many great shows & venues over the years, including the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, Santa Caligon Days, Patriot Guard headlining show & casinos.
Tracy Allison has been singing for as long as she can remember. Roots music is her preference; whether it’s country, classic rock, or bluegrass. She also likes to perform contemporary styles as well, believing that all styles of music have something to contribute to the enjoyment of the listener.
Over the years, Tracy Allison has performed with various bands in addition to performing on the Opry Circuit. Tracy is a veteran recording artist in the Nashville circuit, which includes vocal contributions on the United Artists soundtrack, “The Prince of Egypt” and various other music compilations. The Drive was created by Tracy Allison to complete a long journey for her and musicians that have a common ground in their musical direction.
Ken Empson
Kenny Empson is a local music veteran. He has been playing music since the age of 9 when he picked up his first instrument – the violin. His instrument of choice is the electric guitar, although he is very skilled at the bass guitar. At times you may even see him playing around on a banjo or mandolin. After appearing in and touring with bands such as The Paupers, Break of Dawn, Dames Rocket, MadAlice, CrossRoadsKC and The SamHill Band. Kenny started his own production studio at home, where he has self-produced 3 CDs, including the acclaimed music compilation: Even Faeries Get the Blues, released on his own Peculiar Sound label. His lifelong involvement with music has led him to appreciate, and play, all musical styles. Since hooking up with Tracy Allison, he has devoted his time and talents to her band as Guitarist, Bassist, and vocals.
Randy Trainer
Randy started playing drums in church when he was 13. His influences are outlaw country, red dirt and Texas country music. So, he was told…”let your heart hang out”, that’s what he does, every time he plays. He has played with some great musicians over the years drumming for Timberline, Trip Hazard, ReLoaded and now Tracy Allison!
Mike Costelow
Mike Costelows solid bass playing is the foundation for the Tracy Allison band. Mike has played with a lot of great musicians and brings extensive experience to the stage. His smooth playing style gives the band that true country sound. Mike is the quiet grooving bass player that gets the job done with subtle precision.

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