Thomas Lee “Tom” Beard

Tom and wife, Betty, live in Pleasant Hill, Missouri. His early years were spent on farms or small towns located in the Flint Hills of Kansas. These early years are reflected in many of his paintings. Blessed with a natural talent for drawing, he attended the Kansas City College of Commerce studying layout and design. His studies were interrupted during WWII when he joined the US Navy Seabees. Upon his return from the service, he furthered his artistic studies in the fields of commercial and fine art through the GI Bill Program.
In 1951 he was hired by the U.S Army Map Service, Corps of Fuqinnerss, which later was renamed the Defense Mapping Agency, Aerospace Center. Tom retired after 27 years as a TA- rated Professional Cartographer. During those 27 years as a Cartographer; he also worked at home, in his free time, toward a future career in the arts.

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