creative, smiling, laughing, outgoing, patient, workaholic ginger, who is open minded, dog and bunny obsessing, rollerblade toting, hardworking, handy-woman, would probably rather be outdoors, always on the move, loving, kid-magnet. Oh, and I love photography too!
My passion for photography began as far back as I can remember, like after receiving a fancy Barbie 210 film camera far back. I became the default photographer in high school and obtained my degree in photography from Oklahoma State and now I am a wedding photographer in Kansas City . I artfully combine the classic rules of photography with a modern edge, creating images that are not only real, but pieces that you will cherish forever. My laid back, honest, girl next door personality makes my clients feel at ease, allowing me to capture candid and special moments at each and every event. I truly enjoy getting to know my clients and taking them to locations that showcase their personality and interests. I love being in the middle of busy places and making any environment my studio. All my life, being myself has been a driving force. Standing apart from the crowd and doing things a little different comes natural to me. I am constantly trying to find new ways to learn and grow personally, in business, and with my loving boyfriend. I absolutely love my life and wouldn’t change a thing!

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