Merry Ohler


That’s me, smiling at you like I’m not actually sweating my tail off while being eaten alive by the biggest mosquitos this side of Texas. I’m a multi-passionate creative, which for me, translates to being a professional Storytelling Photographer, Brand Expert & Author based smack dab in the heart of Kansas City. People often refer to me as an “Encourager,” and that makes me happier than I could ever really put into words. My friends would probably tell you that coffee is my love language, and that I love singing and writing just as much as I love my time behind the camera. When I’m not photographing the kindest, most genuine people in this wide world, writing, running my business or corralling my three little ones (6 and under!), you might find me re-reading Anne of Green Gables, listening to my favorite podcasts, or binge-watching Parks & Rec.

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