Kristin Christopher


Chris and Kristin Cooper follow their hearts, leading them on a curvy and uncommon path of creativity. They met in a college jewelry class while majoring in Metalsmithing at The University of Kansas, started Kristin Christopher, got married, and explored the U.S. selling their handmade jewelry art fair by art fair.
After an exciting and creative stint on the West Coast, they moved back to the Midwest with their 2-year-old firstborn to give him the kind of childhood they both experienced … an abundance of green grass, clean air, time for art and creativity, and lots of laughter. Now, their 2 kids join them at art fairs in the region, learning the ropes as their parents hammer, texture, forge, and solder to their hearts’ (and hands’) content.
Kristin & Chris create one-of-a-kind, textural, sterling silver, copper, and gold jewelry with natural gemstones and patinas. They design independently and also collaboratively, both sets of their hands contributing to each piece. They find inspiration in nature and joy in making art for one-of-a-kind people to wear every day. They value following their hearts and creating a life they love (a continual work in progress) filled with family, art, 3 rescue dogs, humor, and making others feel good along the way.

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