Ken Wilson

At an early age, Ken Wilson discovered an affinity for drawing and painting. he was passionate about it. But somewhere along the way he gave in to the pressure of society. It told him to “study ‘something serious;’ get a ‘good education’ so you can get a ‘good job.’” Ken WilsonSo Ken Wilson sets his artistic passion aside, believing it to have no value in the ‘real world.’ Instead, he dutifully studied finance, earned a degree in economics, and then spent the next 25 years of his life appraising real estate. He made money, but wasn’t happy. The materialistic society told Ken that, he was successful, but he felt miserable, so how could that be success?
Ken knew he had to do something different. He bought a house and started to rehab it. He rediscovered a talent for color, architecture, and decorating he always knew existed inside him, but had neglected. It was challenging and rewarding to see what he could create. He bought and fixed up more property. It made him happy. He knew he had to make a change, even though it meant giving up a comfortable living to pursue a dream; to follow the road less traveled. This rediscovery of his artistic side has awakened him. He nowKen Wilson engages his passions for writing, music, cooking, painting, and life with a zeal he hasn’t felt since childhood. These things makes him feel alive again. Ken could say that, he is a self-taught painter, but that isn’t accurate. While he has no formal education in the arts, he hasn’t done this alone. He’s had a passion for art his entire life. He’s visited dozens of the finest museums in the US and Europe, bought and read art books, and acquired a small collection of original paintings over the years. His influences and mentors are too many to mention. But Ken learned every day by studying the works of famous masters, unknown contemporary artists, and the vast array of wonderful creative souls that lie in between. His journey has taught him an important lesson. Follow your heart. Follow your passion. Do the things that are meaningful to you; not to anyone else. This is how he approaches his art. He simply paints things that he feels and that he wants to see. If he is the only person who enjoys them, so be it. That’s a risk Ken is willing to take. Because if it fulfills his heart and his soul, he shall achieved success.

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