kaley kocinski

i have an outstanding belief that making photographs is what i was called to do. my inspiration stems from human interaction, hands, interiors, family heirlooms, minimalism, life’s oddities, earth tones, backyard gatherings, local makers, artists + dreamers, foggy days, tangled up lovers, travel, motherhood, limbs, landscapes, natural light, movement, symmetry, nostalgia, windblown hair, imperfections, the desert and the color white. i document love in ALL FORMS. i find beauty in the silly moments, the mundane, the every day. i find wonder, whimsy and honesty from the life you are living and all that surrounds you. traveling is my greatest inspiration – always. it leaves me feeling refreshed, recharged and with stories to tell. i’m a natural light-lovin, left handed, freckled, mildly extroverted but some days introverted, director of your life and how i see it (in the time that we have.) let’s teach one another, together.

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