Hannah Edmisten


I am a 22 year old photographer based out of Kansas City, Missouri. During the Dolly Parton hours of Monday-Friday 9-5, I can be found working at a local school photography business. When I’m not cropping school pictures, I’m either at home playing video games, cuddling with my husband and three cats, or out trying to find beauty somewhere in something through a lens.
While I’ve refrained from labelling myself a photographer for a long time because of the saturation in the market right now (seriously, I can name at least five photographers I know personally), I honestly just enjoy taking stunning nature shots and making my friends laugh while I capture the moment. At this point, I might as well just call it what it is.
Starting in summer 2018, I will be accepting photo appointments and full sittings to save up money for my own photography equipment, since I use work equipment right now (and I am SO grateful for my coworkers and RPG family for ushering me towards photographic greatness). If you’d be interested in helping me achieve my dreams of a Canon 6D with a Tamron lens and a Manfrotto tripod (and you get some portraits out of this deal, too!), head over to the contact page. Any feedback on this site in general or my photography is encouraged, as no one gets anywhere artistically without critiques!

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