Garrett Smalley


Garrett spent the last few years driving around the mid-west performing stand-up at various bars, houses, businesses, shed’s, restaurants, theaters and comedy clubs. He doesn’t know how to use text to portray to you, the reader, what his “style” or comedy-bullshit-whatever is. He just gets to have fun. He’s been fortunate enough to perform along the way with some very talented and achieved comedians, writers, and actors. He doesn’t feel like a list of their names would help you understand who he is, so you can ask him directly if you really need to know.
He recently finished working as an actor on a short web-series for O’Reilly Auto Parts that airs Feb. 14th, 2018 online, as well as a few small ad’s for Big Whiskey’s restaurant and various appearances on The Mystery Hour.
When he is home, Garrett is a regular host and performer at the Blue Room Comedy Club. He co-hosts an open-mic in the upstairs of a burger joint downtown called Slider’s, the first Thursday of the month with the very funny Thom Gray. He also works as the Production Coordinator on the Emmy Award-winning mid-west television show The Mystery Hour. Which is currently going on its 7th season at the Gillioz Theater. He recommends all three if you are ever in Springfield.
At the end of the day, he just strives for originality and the opportunity to keep doing stand-up and chasing his dreams. He thanks all who have supported him in any way, along his journey.
Is his comedy for everyone? Absolutely not. He hopes that you can take the time to figure out just how it feels to you.

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