Florese Marie

Florese Marie is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. Florese’s love for music began early in life through opera. She immediately gained notice with the crisp powerful sound that unexpectedly blew people away. As her training grew she began to listen to jazz artist such as Duke of Ellington, Ella Fitz Gerald and Billie Holiday. After seeing the movie Lady Sings the Blues Florese new that music for her was home. Along with the love for music she also carried a love of words. Therefore she began writing poetry. This was her little secret the place where she released her emotions. As the years past poetry turned to song. In 2006 Florese releases a local album entitled “Poetry in Motion” This was the first time she put her poetry in song. Teaming up with the Recipe Poetry Guild Florese traveled and performed. Her love for the stage was born. Crowds were drawn in by the raw emotion that was evident when she hit the stage. Soon after Florese tried out for the well know show “Americas Idol” Through the years she was told several times she should audition. With high hopes Florese traveled to Omaha Nebraska for the tryout. Florese was devastated on day one after being told her voice just wasn’t special enough. The temporary pain crushed her but she knew this was not the end and her music would be heard.
Florese Marie continued to write. Continued to sing. In 2010 she released her new album “Eclectic” This project showed the growth in her sound, subject matter and maturity. It also showed the diversity. The name Eclectic was chosen because Florese felt her music could not be put in a box. She has no genre. During this time she traveled to New York to promote her music and gain more exposure. The album gained Florese a nomination for Best R&B Underground Artist of the Year. Florese Marie is currently working on what she feels is her best project by far. Working with a live band and also amazing producers the sound is incomparable. Strong lyrics the touch the hearts of every day people and everyday life. “Butterfli Kisses” the long awaited album will be an album of no limits, no genre, no box. Florese Marie hope is to start a genre of its own, the genre being plain ole good music.

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